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Brittney Katherine Exline

February 5, 2013

At 15, Brittney Exline became the youngest African-American female to attend an Ivy League university by enrolling at the University of Pennsylvania in 2007.  While at Penn, the Colorado Springs native earned her B.A. in Computer Science, and minored in Math, Psychology, and Classical Studies. She is also fluent in five languages.

Her passions for education extended far beyond the university classroom setting. During her tenure at Penn, Brittney became a coordinator for the mentoring organization Community School Student Partnerships in Philadelphia, better known as CSSP. She also worked as an IT leader in Cameroon for One Laptop Per Child, a nonprofit organization providing laptops for children living in developing countries.

Upon graduating from the university at 19, Brittany became Penn’s youngest engineer to date. As fate would have it, this year she is making headlines again for yet another historic marker: becoming the nation’s youngest African-American engineer. Currently, Brittney works as a software engineer for the online advertising network Chikita, located in Massachusetts.

 Most recently, Brittney has been interviewed about encouraging more African-American youth to pursue STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) careers. Interviews and articles with Brittney have been featured in The Root, Vibe, and Ebony.  This Valentine’s day, Brittney will celebrate her 21st birthday.

Victoria Ford, CAS ’15

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