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The ESU Review

February 16, 2012

Founded in the fall of 2009, the Esu Review is a forum for undergraduate critical inquiry and research in the histories and cultures of the African Diaspora. The journal offers a rich scholarly space in which students can share original contributions in the field. At its commencement, the journal was the only undergraduate research journal in Africana Studies in the United States. The Esu Review aimed to establish ‘a community of budding scholars. We hope to lead and sustain dedicated efforts to build a relevant, engaged and ever-expanding body of undergraduate work in Africana Studies.’

As the submission period for our second edition of Esu Review comes to a close, we hope to keep alive the original spirit of Esu Review and further explore the intersections of Africana Studies in theory as well as practice.  In this edition we will be exploring Africana Studies through essays, papers and poems covering a range of topics such as health disparities between white and minority communities, intersections of race and sexuality, and voluntary versus involuntary black immigration to the United States. We seek to define our own experiences and integrate this field of study with mainstream academia.

Megan Reed CAS ‘12


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