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Racism in The Daily Pennsylvanian

February 10, 2012

From giving conservatives a space to express their – at times – racist thoughts, to openly discussing issues of race, The Daily Pennsylvanian continues to play a major role in fostering an atmosphere that can be either hostile or inclusive.  In 1993, in response to racist coverage of race issues and openly inconsiderate remarks made by a columnist, Black students responded by taking more than 14,000 copies of the DP out of campus.  This discomfort continues as some reporters refer to those that partook in the heist as “thieves” and by not fully covering events that criticize the paper.

Such columnists as Gregory Pavlik would go as far as to question the validity of MLK and the unfair treatment given to certain Black groups on campus.  In addition,  covering of the Water Buffalo incident questioned the lack of response by the University on those involved in the heist and continuing to express that the need for “free speech” was very much needed and that students should not be charged for what is “arguable political correctness.”

Aya Saed, CAS ’13

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